Meet Us

James Tannehill, President

James Tannehill has a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Oklahoma State University, and a Master of Health Administration from Texas State University. Following graduate school, he worked in various healthcare business development roles prior to getting into real estate. He moved to Chicago in 2009 and began working as a Sales and Account Executive for Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, IL. While establishing and managing over $7M in new clinical laboratory business throughout the region, he began investing in real estate for himself during the last housing correction. Following a series of successful short sales, the deals lined up rapidly and eventually led to James launching JHT Real Estate Organization full time in May of 2014. James has made over 300 real estate acquisitions and he currently oversees a portfolio of income producing properties for his family, and for a group of accredited partners who he began partnering with in 2017. In April of 2020, he was featured in Think Realty.


Gina Tannehill, Managing Member

Gina Tannehill has a background in high performance sales, having worked in territory management for the pharmaceutical and construction industries for nearly a decade. Her clients stuck by her with an unprecedented loyalty, resulting from her warm heartedness, determination, and integrity. She also ran a high end spa and cosmetic clinic for 3 years, allowing her to master what it takes to deliver and maintain 5 star customer service. A wide range of medical staff and employees saw her diligence and impact first hand as she raised revenue by over 33% in 2 years. Sharing a passion and hunger for entrepreneurship with her husband, Gina joined JHT Real Estate Organization full time in 2017. She has an unbeatable sense of style, hustle, and vision that has been instrumental in propelling JHT Real Estate Organization, and it’s numerous partnerships. She oversees the company’s research, HR, and logistics.

James Rosebush, Advisor

James Rosebush is a widely recognized leader in building and managing corporate, family office, and philanthropic organizations as well as serving as an advisor to families on the complex issues of wealth management. He recently published his second book and best-seller, TRUE REAGAN: What Made Ronald Reagan Great and Why It Matters, a rare insight into the fortieth president’s mysterious character as Rosebush discerned it from his years of working for him. His weekly column ON LEADERSHIP appeared on In The White House Mr. Rosebush was President Reagan’s “point man” on philanthropy and public-private partnerships. As a commissioned officer at The White House, he managed the President’s favorite domestic program, PRIVATE SECTOR INITIATIVES, designed to engender private sector solutions for public problems, a precursor of today’s social impact investing. Mr. Rosebush was also the longest-serving Chief of Staff to the First Lady. He is the founder and CEO of an international advisory firm, GrowthStrategy, Inc. focused on management strategies, finance, marketing, and communications, that result in measurable growth for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups. In 2018 he launched Intersection Impact Fund, following his life-long passion for impact investing and philanthropy. A native of Flint, Michigan, Mr. Rosebush resides in Washington, DC area with his wife of forty-four years, the former Nancy Paull. They have two grown daughters and five grandchildren.

Clyde Scott, Chief Housing Officer

Clyde is a Chicago native and he studied business management at DePaul University. His diverse legal and business background makes him a perfect fit for JHT Real Estate Organization. He began his career working for Attorney Jason Siebel in South Holland, IL in the real estate department. He proceeded to become a licensed private investigator where he practiced and mastered a sense of ethics, patience, tenacity, and good judgement. Prior to joining JHT Real Estate, he helped operate one the largest property preservation companies in Northwestern Indiana. Clyde has a caring nature and is driven by family, so it is no coincidence that he’s using his talents to make a difference for families through the JHT Real Estate housing platform. In the last few years, 4 members of his own family purchased their first homes through our seller-finance program.

Mike Mitchell, Advisor

Mike is a former buyside analyst and hedge fund partner who served as Senior Partner at Locust Wood Capital Advisors for 8 years. A few years prior, he worked at Breeden Capital Management where he managed a long-only equity investment fund. The fund utilized active engagement to help undervalued portfolio companies improve performance and shareholder value. Mike has an MBA in Finance from Oklahoma University, and a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Oklahoma State University. He splits his time between homes in White Plains, NY and Denver, Colorado. Mike thrives on helping others and enjoys doing deals while still enjoying time with his family.

John Frick, Advisor

John served as Managing Partner to Chisholm Private Capital Partners, a small business investment company licensed by the SBA, and that provided early stage financing to over 15 technology companies. He has over three decades of experience serving on Boards of Directors in the oil & gas, healthcare, and technology industries. It was 2007 when James first met John, as John was giving at guest lecture at Oklahoma State University’s School of Business. John has been a trusted friend, former supervisor, and mentor of James ever since. He graduated Cum Laude from Allegheny College with a Bachelors in Mathematics & Economics, followed by earning an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1974.

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